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Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's HOT Hot hot!

Hey familia!! Well, I was transferred this week ~ I guess I'll tell you where I am right now; okay, well, I started my mission on the very West side (Roswell), then I made it over to the furthest East side (Abilene), then I went to the furthest North side (Dumas) so yep! you guessed it!! I'm on the furthest South side!!!!! I'm in Fort Stockton, TX!! Yesterday (Wednesday) I woke up at 5 30 a.m. and was on the bus from 7 a.m until 3 p.m just to get from Amarillo to Odessa, then my new companion (Elder Sperry) and I drove another hour and 20 minutes to Ft. Stockton!! It's so awesome here!! and hot!! I love it!!! The Branch President is named President Shurtz, he and his wife are senior missionaries here - they are WAY sweet!!!!!
So I'm really excited to be here, where it's nice and hot. I think I told you guys this, but I've always just really wanted to serve way down south here in Texas - and i finally made it!!! Elder Sperry has only two transfers left, so I'll probably kill him here. note: the phrase "kill him" does not mean literally kill him, but it means that I'll probably be his last companion. he lives in Nephi, Utah and knows Beau Richardson!!! But I'm also excited to be here and to get away from the panhandle ~ change is good, so I'm excited to see what happens here! it sounds like we baptize a lot down here - so I'm really looking forward to that!!

Yes, i LOVE that golf ball Albert gave me!!!! i got to talk to him on the phone on Tuesday afternoon! He wished me lots of luck and said he misses me and is going to stay in touch with me! i love that guy! this Sunday he meets with the council to see if he's where he needs to be to get baptized again - he IS where he needs to be. He's even more ready!! and guess what? i don't know how we found this out, but since Ian Vick moved from Dumas and he was the Branch Mission leader, and now Albert is going to get baptized again soon - ALBERT IS GOING TO BE THE NEW BRANCH MISSION LEADER IN DUMAS!!! How cool is that!?!? way cool!
Kate's birthday party sounds cool!! Almost as cool as the sweet techno dance parties that I used to throw!! I want to throw another one when i get home again - if all my friends remember who i am! i haven't heard from too many of them lately (especailly the ladies) but it's all good. I actually like it not getting too much mail (of course you guys should continue doing what your doing, the monthly newsletter, random packages of goodies, etc. ya know, all that good stuff!). um . . . i forgot where i was going with all that, but that's okay, haha!! oh yeah the techno dance parties!!!! yes those were pretty epic!!!
Well, even though I am definitely near the end of my mission and my companion even more so, I'm going to continue to work hard and be paciente (i forgot how to spell that!) in the work. time does go by fast, but only if you're doing what's right, that's what I've found out since being a missionary. I really want to spread my wings and show the members and investigators what I'm really made of, and go out there and capture the miracle and find those that are truly ready. This morning I read in Alma 32, about the people that were truly humble and ready to hear the word, those are the people that I try to find every day. And this town (from what I've seen so far) looks just perfect for that! So, I'm here, and I'm in the moment, right where I need to be. osaat right?! i love you guys! tomselo con calma! peace, from way down south!!
Love, Elder Zachary Levi Perkins

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